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11h Tory MPs call for unity around Liz Truss after ‘civil war’ conference
53m Ex-Met officer ‘suspended for racist jokes in WhatsApp group’
1m Children among 31 killed in mass shooting at Thai daycare centre
1m Deadly migrant boat sinkings off Greek islands sparks dramatic rescue
1h Nurses start ‘once in a generation’ vote on strikes over pay
32m ‘You have lost’ Zelensky tells Russia as Ukraine ‘could retake Crimea’

Tory MPs call for unity around Liz Truss after ‘civil war’ conference

The Prime Minister is already under pressure, mere weeks into the role


Ex-Met officer ‘suspended for racist jokes in WhatsApp group’

Rob Lewis is understood to have created a group chat with other former Met officers.

Deadly migrant boat sinkings off Greek islands sparks dramatic rescue

‘We could see people climbing up those rocks to try and save themselves’, said one Kythira resident

Where to live

Fitaly’s Charlene Ashong on why she loves her untrendy London corner

The best part about life in Charlene Ashong’s ‘quaint and quiet’ hometown? Nobody knows where it is, says the plant-based chef

Events and Things To Do

What to get up to in London this weekend

From supper clubs to Cezanne, here’s what needs to be on your to-do list


Grand Designs couple create ‘floating pavilion’ after tragedy strikes

Tragedy has required John and Helen to rethink their historic home — but it has done little to temper their ambition

ES Stories

Cara unveils new collection in Paris

Amsterdam premiere in London

The Emmy Awards

Kate Moss holds dinner for Cosmoss

Premiere of Don’t Worry Darling

Venice Film Festival 2022

A Visible Man book launch party

The Soho House Awards

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Dame Emma Thompson: When Alan Rickman was funny he was hilarious

The veteran actors worked with each other throughout his career, including playing a married couple on the rocks in Love Actually.

Beverley Knight to star as suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst

The musical returns for a limited run from January 27 to April 1 2023.

Settlement with Halyna Hutchins estate will ‘not impact’ criminal investigation

A spokesperson for the Santa Fe DA’s office said charges would still be brought if they were warranted by the ‘facts and evidence’ in the case.

Who is Britain’s first black Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng?

Liz Truss’ new Harvard-educated right-hand man has a reputation for confidence (and swearing). Katie Strick charts the rise of the man still promising to “push” for growth after U-turning on his mini-budget announcement

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The EscapistMore
The Escapist

I left Hackney for Hollywood — I miss the thrill of London every day

He moved to Los Angeles a decade ago, but Simon Stephenson always knew his latest thriller novel had to be set in London. He explains why the British capital will always have the edge on other cities

The RevellerMore

Endo Kazutoshi and Tomos Parry Collaborating for One Night in October

Michelin-starred chefs Endo Kazutoshi and Tomos Parry are cooking together at Brat this month

Events and Things To Do

HospoDemo returns as industry cries out for government support

The protest will call for a VAT cut to 10 per cent, business rates reform and a new staff visa


David Ellis reviews Andrew Edmunds: Soho haunt on finer form than ever

This is a restaurant operating with skill and surprising finesse, says David Ellis, and it could teach the pretenders a thing or two

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Let Girls Learn

With millions of girls out of school, how can we Let Girls Learn?

Our new global reporting project will search for the answers

Plug It In

World EV Day: what can we learn from around the globe?

It’s the day we celebrate global EV usage ‒ so when better to take a look at the electrifying projects that have been successful… and those that haven’t

Plug It In

Ade Thomas: ‘Emobility needs to be affordable, simple, intuitive’

On the eve of World EV Day, its founder explains how companies should be inspiring more consumers to jump on the electric bandwagon

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Property News

New Homes Awards 2022: the winning homes designs revealed

The Evening Standard 2022 New Homes Awards set the standard for excellence in homebuilding. Here are this year’s winning schemes.

Buying & Mortgages

Mortgage hell hits: Londoners face up to the rate rises

Finances crippled, weddings postponed, equity wiped out and having the dream of owning a first home snatched away - here’s what the interest rate rises mean for Londoners.

Property News

‘Kwarteng’s tax cuts aren’t good for London if Londoners lose out’

If Londoners - the people who constitute London - end up worse off and priced out, we can’t describe these policies as ‘good’ for the city

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ES Magazine

Away Game: Spellbound in Ponza

Our writer finds herself enchanted by this diminutive Italian island, the Romans’ best-kept secret

ES Magazine

God save the... King?

Charles knew better than anyone that the Queen would be a tough act to follow. Martin Robinson asks if he is ready to be the King we all need

ES Magazine

If you can’t take the heat...

Shouting matches, 90-hour weeks, blood, sweat and a lot of tears: as The Bear thunders on to our TVs, Joanna Taylor finds out if kitchen culture is as hellish as we’re led to believe


What is WhatsApp’s new screenshot policy?

There’s no confirmed date for when the new feature will be available to all users


Air pollution particles found in babies in the womb for first time

A new study found that soot nanoparticles inhaled by the mother can cross the placenta

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Gadgets & Tech

Best energy saving devices to make your home more efficient

Keep warm, stay lit and well fed during the on-going energy cost crisis while keeping hold of your cash too…


Best jewellery advent calendars 2022

Countdown to Christmas with a keepsake gift you’ll treasure

Gadgets & Tech

Best tech gifts for Christmas 2022: Cool present ideas

Be ahead of the curve with state-of-the-art tech gifts