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Jermaine Gallacher


How to use fabric in your home furnishings whatever your budget

Fabrics can be your friend and help give furnishings an easy but eye-catching update

Sep 22, 2022

Paint effects: the DIY novice’s secret weapon for flair on a budget

Paint effects are the DIY novice’s secret weapon for adding flair on a budget

Jun 22, 2022

Inside Man: Bare bulbs are finished, be bold with radiant lampshades

Step away from the garish light of bare bulbs and take the plunge with a statement lampshade

Jun 1, 2022

The Inside Man: Buying art needn’t be scary, here’s how to do it

From antiques markets to contemporary galleries, here’s where to start your art collection.

May 9, 2022

The Inside Man: put down your sander, it’s time for a carpet comeback

Pick bold colours for stylish floors (and toasty toes), says Jermaine Gallacher

Apr 22, 2022

Inside Man: London’s best workshops for commissioning bespoke homeware

London’s coolest makers are proving bespoke doesn’t have to mean broke

Apr 1, 2022

How to be bold with colour in any sized home — even if you rent

Why bold interiors decisions will pay off when it comes to colour

Mar 11, 2022

Jermaine Gallacher’s top car boots and showrooms for interiors finds

Ditch fast fashion for the weird, wonderful and one-off (find the good stuff at the Jermaine Gallacher weekend sale)

Feb 24, 2022

It’s time to ditch the metro tiles for these cooler alternatives

If you’re planning a renovation then please, put the grout spreader down

Feb 9, 2022

‘So you’ve been to one pottery class — doesn’t make you a ceramicist’

Only your mum could possibly want your amateur coil pots on display

Jan 26, 2022

Inside Man: Jermaine Gallacher on why ‘bad’ taste is sometimes best

Our new interiors columnist, London’s off-beat style guru Jermaine Gallacher, says it’s time to embrace the DIY ethos and individuality of Nineties Changing Rooms.

Jan 13, 2022