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Tomiwa Owolade


Growing Up - Sex in the Sixties by Peter Doggett review

This fascinating new book shows rather conclusively that the sixties was not a sexual paradise

Nov 4, 2021

Chronicles from the Land... by Wole Soyinka review

Wole Soyinka’s reputation would be perfect if this book - his first novel in 50 years - did not exist, writes Tomiwa Owolade

Sep 30, 2021

Misfits: A Personal Manifesto by Michaela Coel review

This book based on Michaela Coel’s triumphant 2018 James MacTaggart Lecture doesn’t add much to what we’ve already heard, writes Tomiwa Owolade

Sep 5, 2021

Burning Man: The Ascent of DH Lawrence by Frances Wilson review

The challenge for any biographer of one Lawrence is to come to terms with his many contradictions - his rage, impotence, silliness and genius. This elegantly written, intelligent and witty account lays them all bare with admirable skill, says Tomiwa Owolade

May 20, 2021

Monica Jones, Philip Larkin and Me by John Sutherland review

She was a vile racist, a depressed companion to a constitutionally unfaithful man, but Monica Jones was also the woman who cultivated the aesthetic sensibility of one of the greatest poets of the last century, says Tomiwa Owolade

Apr 15, 2021

Philip Roth The Biography by Blake Bailey review

This engrossing biography shows that Roth was as complicated as his fictionalised alter-egos, but could never truly be unburdened in his writing. As for being cancelled, it happened many times in his lifetime, says Tomiwa Owolade

Mar 24, 2021

Biracial Britain by Remi Adekoya review

Race is not a universal category but shaped by many different cultures

Jan 25, 2021