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Best weight loss apps to help you reach your goals, from Able to Noom

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22 September 2022

rying to lose weight is never easy. Life is busy, cake is good and motivation can be low. However with a host of more and more weight loss apps becoming available on Apple and Android, now is the time to try again.

Download, subscribe and let the professionals help you with educational and supportive tools to set you achievable goals and whip you into shape.

With features including personalised meal plans, one-on-one coaching, step counting, calorie tracking and even support forums, there really is something for everyone.

See our pick of the best apps for weight loss available on Apple and Android.

Noom app


Sign up to Noom and be in charge of your own weight loss journey. Subscription will give you access to daily bite-sized lessons to educate you on how to create healthy habits and give practical pointers backed up by psychology and behavioural science to make you more mindful. You can choose how long to spend on each lesson making it flexible to fit your schedule, and there’s also the option to have one-on-one coaching.

Subscribers can talk to fellow users via their support groups and keep on track with all-round support. Simply use the tracking tools to keep on top of your food and drink intake and step count and hit your goals at your own pace, and when needing that extra push there are even SOS plans to keep you motivated.

Try now from £50 per month.

WW app


The WW app uses a points system to help with weight loss – each food and drink item are given points based on their nutritional value and calorie content.

After signing up and completing an initial personal assessment, users are then matched with an individual food plan and will receive daily personal points to work with (and aim not to exceed). There will be weekly check-ins to keep track of your points and weight, log your sleep and activity and set goals for the following week. The app also features 24/7 live coaching with expert WW coaches and an exclusive social network to connect with other members for a real community feel.

You can also use the ‘what’s in your fridge’ tool for personalised recipes or choose from over 11,000+ recipes to cook up something delicious and in accordance with your plan.

From £16.95 per month.

Able weight loss app for men


Did you know that men are more likely to be overweight than women but less likely to diet? According to research one in three men are above their recommended weight (compared to one in four women), yet only 25 per cent are likely to diet (33 per cent for women).

We can see proof of this with most weight loss products on the market being aimed at women – there is simply more of a demand for it. But what about men who want to actively do something to lose weight? Who want to take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle and keep the pounds off?

The wellness platform Able was created in 2021 and is inclusive to all. It is a great starting point for men wanting to understand how to make healthier choices and lose weight. How does it work? When setting up an account you will be asked some practical questions including your current weight, height, age and goal weight and lifestyle questions to work out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and BMI (body mass index).

You will then be connected with your own health coach who will create a personalised wellness plan just for you, along with a calorie budget specific to you. This holistic and tailor-made plan will take into account key lifestyle factors including stress levels, food habits, sleep patterns and relationships – all important elements in weight management. The initial consultation will set weekly goals and you will be coached through challenges to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

Roman Taranov, CEO and Founder at Able emphasises the importance of taking a personalised approach to losing weight: “Certain diets will affect men and women differently depending on their hormone levels and lifestyle. For optimum results, people need to work with a coach to take a long-term and personalised approach.”

The app’s main aim is to take the focus off calorie counting and instead considering the person as a whole – you just need to stick to your calorie budget. By building healthy habits with expert support, men are able to achieve their optimum health and create weight loss goals that will last.

From £8.30 per week

Able weightloss app for women


As the world’s newest and only on-demand wellness platform with no calorie tracking, Able is also a great option for women wanting to lose weight and keep it off. The app’s ‘big picture’ approach takes all aspects of the user’s life into account and paired up with one-on-one weight loss coaching from professionally trained health coaches creates a personalised nutrition plan to suit each user.

The app is easy to use and navigate through, has an integrated tracker connecting to Apple Health or Google Fit to track your steps, and a space to log your meals and snacks. This way your coach can see what’s on your plate and how active you are, and provide feedback to keep you going in the right direction.

They will also look at your sleep, mindset, relationships and stress management when setting your goals. Forget the calories, and make small changes for long-lasting, long-term results.

Try now from £8.30 per week.