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3h ‘This is a Labour moment’: Keir Starmer sets out vision for Britain
1h Labour MP suspended after calling Kwasi Kwarteng ‘superficially’ black
1h Bank warns of ‘significant’ rate rises as pound slumps again
6h Met chief: I’ll root out the racists and misogynists in our ranks
3h Police hunt 13 after protest erupts into violence at Iranian Embassy
5h Elizabeth Line delivers £20m boost for TfL

A London company has developed a breakthrough in self-driving car tech

The new technology could finally usher in the era of autonomous vehicles in big cities like London


Psychiatrist ‘did not sleep well’ after viewing content seen by Molly Russell

Dr Navin Venugopal spoke about the ‘very disturbing’ content in the witness box on Tuesday.

NASA fly-by on Jupiter moon will scout for signs of alien life

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will examine whether Europa can sustain life


E3 is back for 2023: But do gamers care any more?

E3 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13 to 16, 2023


Google Nest can now sense your presence at home

A new update to Google Nest products can now sense a presence in your home


How big was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and where it landed

Nasa confirmed its spacecraft successfully collided with a 170-metre wide asteroid just after midnight today


Best gaming deals for Amazon Prime Day 2022

From consoles to accessories, we’ve got the best bargains covered


TikTok could face £27m fine for ‘failing to protect children’s privacy’

The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued the social media company with a notice of intent but said its findings in the notice are provisional.

Track and cheer family and friends with London Marathon app

Update lets supporters keep track of virtual marathon runners, and send encouraging messages that runners will see at the finish line


Roaming charges will be capped in Norway and Iceland from 2023

You will still have to pay to post Insta stories from Marbella, but at least you’ll save (a bit) while gazing at the northern lights


Private IVF patients not getting all facts to make informed decisions – watchdog

The CMA said their review uncovered issues with the majority of clinics investigated.

Podcast: Can this exciting technology fix Earth?

Solar panel electric cars, stealing electricity from plants and a wind turbine in your garden?


Instagram is trying to stop unwanted nudes from sliding into your DMs

Cyberflashing has been a problem for years, and the tech giant is finally turning its attention to it


Study: Patients who use VR could need less anaesthetic during surgery

If proven, the findings could help alleviate the growing pressure on NHS anaesthetic services


Study sheds light on why whales do not get brain damage when they swim

Scientists suggest special blood vessels in the animals’ brains may protect them from pulses in their blood that would damage the brain.

Boss admits Pinterest ‘not safe’ when Molly Russell used site before ending life

The social media giant’s head of community operations apologised at the inquest into the teenager’s death on Thursday.

‘Wrong kind of shale’ and 280m years too late: Geologists react to fracking move

The controversial go-ahead was met with concerns over earthquakes and an increase in greenhouse gas production.

The Logitech G Cloud is like a handheld Xbox – with a catch

Stuck between dedicated handhelds and smartphones, the Logitech G Cloud can be seen as a niche proposition


Flying car company backed by Google co-founder shuts down

Kittyhawk had built and flown more than 100 aircraft. But not all hope is lost, as UK and European competitors have been catching up


This modular Chromebook can be upgraded and easily repaired

Framework partners Google to create modular Chromebook for easy user tinkering


Millions of mobile and broadband users facing mid-contract price hikes

Citizens Advice found nine out of 10 broadband customers and seven out of 10 mobile customers are with providers who can hike prices mid-contract.

Astronomers detect hot gas bubble around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole

The finding helps to us to better understand the mysterious environment of the black hole called Sagittarius A*.

How new tech is making sport better for players and spectators

Football’s video assistant referee (VAR) system is giving technology in sport a bad name. But there are plenty of exciting new developments that do actually work, says sports industry insider Matt Rogan


Polaroid pivots to audio with new line of Bluetooth speakers

The collection of speakers will be made up of four models, each with a dedicated purpose


Pixel 7 Pro: Google reveals October order date

The Pixel 7 Pro will be ready to order from October 6, Google has revealed


Cloud services competition probe to be launched by Ofcom

The watchdog will also launch a broader investigation into messaging services such as WhatApp and Zoom, as well as smart speakers and connected TVs.

Nasa spacecraft set to smash into asteroid in planetary protection test mission

Dart spacecraft will collide with Dimorphos on Tuesday with aim to deflect the asteroid.

Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond is coming to FIFA 23

The fictional football club will appear under ‘rest of the world’ league


Apple promises iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fix by next week

Apple has acknowledged the glitch and has promised a fix is coming soon


New app allows Londoners to rent out their unused gym memberships

Busy (or lazy) gym goers can let other users ‘borrow’ their membership and earn money back


What to expect from Made by Google and how to watch from home

New tech will be announced, from smart homes to a smartwatch, at the event in New York